Left to our own devices: International edition

I took some iPod comics out for a test drive at Robot 6 this week, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the format and some of the ways people are adapting to it.

Speaking of which, Transformers comics were the top app of the day in Apple’s iTunes store yesterday, and Heidi MacDonald takes a snapshot of the day’s ratings, which show 10 Transformers apps in the top 20. Who do they think they are, Naruto? In the comments section, someone wonders if more people aren’t reading Transformers on iPhones than on paper; statistics are brandished about.

Aurora Publishing is putting their josei (young women’s) manga Walkin’ Butterfly on the iPhone. It looks like fika publishing is doing the adaptation. Aurora has also put many of their manga online at Netcomics. (Via the Icarus blog.)

Here’s a look at manga on the Kindle DX, from a student in Sri Lanka who uploaded scans of his own comics as PDF files. He includes photos of the comics on the screen, and they look pretty decent.

At Manga Xanadu, Lori Henderson discusses the question “What would it take to get me to buy a Kindle,” and commenters chime in with ideas of their own.

Caleb Goellner talks to Jeff Webber, the new director of ePublishing at IDW, who brings considerable experience as he is coming from uClick.

Three-san, a Japanese webcomic about the PS3, is available in English for the iPod/iPhone.

And this is very cool: Indian comics, based on Indian mythology, for your iPod/iPhone. Meanwhile, China gets Harlequin romance comics for mobile phones, and Naruto and Dragon Ball come to European cell phones.


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