Links: Of longboxes and airships

Must read: Rantz Hoseley talks to CBR about Longbox Digital Comics, an enterprise that will allow readers to download digital comics for 99 cents each. I know this has been tried before, but Hoseley seems to have spent a lot of time thinking about this and it’s interesting to read what he has to say. He makes the inevitable comparison to iTunes, but there’s more to it than that.

Phil and Kaija Foglio have put their Buck Godot: zap gun for hire comics up for free on the web, reasoning, from their experience with Girl Genius, that this will help them sell the print versions when the time comes. And also, it’s kinda cool. (H/t T Campbell, via Twitter.)

New comic alert: Jason Thompson has started a webcomic adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Strange High House in the Mist. Page 1 is up now, with more to come next week.

There seems to be a webcomics problem in France. The problem is, folks are making ’em but no one is reading ’em. So some creators have come up with an extremely French solution: A manifesto! Named after a date! (If you have ever lived over there, you know what I mean—they’re all Plaza of the 23rd of December and like that.) Click on that manifesto link and you’ll also see a selection of French webcomics, which seem not unlike ours—I noticed a gag strip, several anthropomorphized animal strips, a slice-of-life comic, and of course plenty of sci-fi. How do you say Zuda in French?


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