Links: New and fun things to read

Ethan Young is putting his previously self-published comic, Tails, on the web. It’s a semi-autobiographical story of a young cartoonist who lives with his parents, and a large number of cats seem to be involved. Enjoy! (Via Comics Worth Reading.)

Andy Belanger’s new Zuda comic, Bottle of Awesome, only has two screens up right now, so you can jump on early. BoA is an instant winner, not part of the regular competition, so you won’t have to wait months for page 9. It’s the tale of a nebbishy boy who… drinks a bottle of awesome and becomes too awesome, as if such a thing were possible. If Belanger’s work looks familiar, it may be because he is also the creator of Raising Hell on the consistently excellent Transmission X site.

Over at Robot 6, I take a look at three webcomics that are written for children but are sophisticated enough for adults. Longtime DS readers/listeners may experience deja vu…

Everybody’s talking about the new Longbox digital comics store, and the Robot 6 folks pick up on some of the news, including the fact that seven publishers have signed on and the software will have an age-restriction feature as well as a manga mode that allows you to read comics from right to left. iFanboy has an in-depth look by Ron Richards, and Van Jenson has some thoughts on the bigger picture.


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