Digital Strips 157 – Zuda Watch Feb 2009

Another month has come and gone and with it 10 more comics have come to compete for your love and approval. Go check them out quick before your opinion won’t matter anymore.

Listen in and let us know who you agree with (me) and who is full of it (Jason).

Digital Strips 157 – Zuda Watch Feb 2009

edit– made some changes to the sound file, it should be fine unless you can only hear the left ear track, then you’ll hear nothing. If there are any audacity experts out there I have questions.


4 thoughts on “Digital Strips 157 – Zuda Watch Feb 2009

  1. Ok, I’ll get right on it.

    I did notice that was some weird stuff going on in this episode with the stereo tracks. If anyone is having this problem could listen on headphones and let me know if it’s any better or worse that would be super.

  2. Hi Geek,

    I think it’s due to the stereo mix. I usually only turn on my left speaker and was able to hear 2 of the 3 of you because they were on the left channel. You were on the right channel, and because my speaker wasn’t on, I couldn’t hear you at all. Talk shows, like this, should be mixed to mono.

    With that said, I turned on both speakers and listened to the show. Great job guys!

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