Links: Robot Comics wants creators, new Horrocks site coming

Attention creators: Robot Comics is looking for submissions for comics to run on the Android mobile phone platform. Even non-creators might want to click the link to see the demo.

The Manga Recon reviewers have a roundtable discussion of digital comics that’s worth reading even if you aren’t into manga, because they cover a lot of general issues from a fan’s point of view—keeping the book vs. reading it once, reading it on the screen vs. paper, and of course, the all-important question of cost. I might point out, too, that although the recieved wisdom at the moment is that no one pays for content on the internet, several of the reviewers are fans of Netcomics, which allows you to read manga online for 25 cents per chapter. They also discuss their favorite non-manga webcomics.

According to this report at Comics Should Be Good, longtime favorite Scans_Daily is gone, its account suspended by LiveJournal for violating its terms of service by posting copyrighted material. According to that last link, they are looking for a new home and trying to preserve what they can. Stay tuned.

Something to look forward to: Dylan Horrocks is launching a webcomics site next week.

Over at Comics 411, Tom Mason talks to Larry Latham about Lovecraft Is Missing, which starts with the notion that the stories of H.P. Lovecraft were based on real events. Latham talks about the story as well as the webcomics experience. Good stuff. interviews Sam Costello, creator of discusses the upcoming print version of Bayou and Ryan Sohmer talks about Least I Could Do.

Jason Thompson, who is well known in manga circles as an editor and expert and is gaining a reputation as a comics creator as well, has illustrated a new mini-comic, Bold Riley and the Serpent in the Belly, which was written by Leia Weathington.

Greg McElhatton reviews the print edition of Garfield Minus Garfield at Read About Comics.

Not comics, but relevant nonetheless to those who are watching the digital revolution: Roy Blount, Jr., reviews the Kindle 2. (Via Journalista.)


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  1. Not Google, Brigid. Since it evidently may led to confusion, and because we will distribute mobile comics to other mobile platforms, we are in the process of changing the name. We would greatly appreciate if you could correct the article.

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