Tom Mason ~INTERVIEWS~ Norm Feuti, creator of Gill and Retail

Tom Mason of Comix 411 has an interview up with Norm Feuti, creator of the syndicated strip, Retail, and the webcomic, Gill. As a recent convert to Feuti’s work (Feutism? Feutistic?) I am currently reading through this interview with the man who has captured childhood essence and combined it with adult sensibilities (Gill) and you should do the same.

Also, keep your eyes peeled and ears perked up for a future mini-review of Gill on an upcoming Horizons Watch podcast!

P.S. Newspaper sites take note: it took me forever to find a decent way to view Retail, and even then it wasn’t the best. Tyler Martin has already done it for you, just use it and we’ll all be better off.


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