I’m Just Drinking: Phil’s Birthday Bar-stocking drive for Podcasting!

Hey, it’s Phil. I don’t get piad to do this, but I do get to totally plug the hell out of my stuff. So here we are. There was a podcast put up today, so there’ll be a new ConnectiCon post tommorow.

We at I’m Just Drinking have been at this for a little bit now, this wiki nonsense. One month to be exact. It’s been going great, got a lot of active people and a lot of recipes brought in. Many of which rock especially hard. But something’s felt missing around here. Something fun and interesting to keep everyone coming back. Then it hit me:


In one month, I, Phil Kahn, will be turning 21. Officially. September 17th is the day. On that day, I and a select crew will be shooting the first episode of “I’m Just Drinking: The Podcast.” That episode will go up online and live and stuff the following week. Episodes will then proceed to be updated every two weeks.

What’ll go on in the show? Well, I’ll be showing you, the viewing audience, how to prepare the drinks that go with a randomly selected (or viewer-requested) Webcomic. All step by step and visual-like. Then my crew and I will be sampling these drinks and offering our thoughts on them, the Webcomic in question, and whatever fun drunken assery may ensue.

So why am I announcing this so far ahead of time? Because there’s a couple of snags. First off my stock is damn near dry, and I lack a few essential supplies needed to really do well. So, I’m starting a donation drive.

I’m Just Drinking: Phil’s Birthday Bar-stocking drive for Podcasting!

You know how when someone asks you for money on the street, your main objection is that they’re just going to use it to buy booze? Well, this time, you know for a fact that I’m going to use it to buy booze. If you donate to this drive, it’ll help me buy the necessary ingredients and tools I need to start this podcast. If you’re a Webcomic creator and you donate at least $10, your comic will be placed on the queue to be done in the first slew of shows. Whoever donates or raises the most will have their comic done for the first show.

Plus, y’know, if you and I were at a bar, and I told you it’s my 21st Birthday, you’d probably buy me a drink. Right?

Well you’re not gonna be there that night, so fuckin’ pony up.


4 thoughts on “I’m Just Drinking: Phil’s Birthday Bar-stocking drive for Podcasting!

  1. *shakes fist* You shall pay for this, Kahn!

    …by which I mean that I shall not pay for this. I turn 21 four days later. Damned if I’ll help you stock up on your own supply. 😛

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