I’m Not Dead, Yes You Are!

You’ve heard about it on the podcasts and now here’s the official contest. We are officially starting the Death to Zampzon contest. Some of you who’s memory is better then mine might remember eons ago we announced Zampzon was leaving our merry band of pirate-ninjas and started a rumor of a contest where you would draw a strip detailing the demise of the mighty. The rumors are now confirmed so those entries that have already been sent to us are still valid for the contest.

Your Mission:

Draw any strip from one panel to infinite detailing the departure of Zampzon. You can use whatever it takes to rub him out but you need to finish off the story arc of DS moving into the new offices. We last left our heroes with Zampzon being scared out of his mind by Brad our new Marketing Director. The strip must include both Zampzon and Daku but also think who the judges are going to be. All of us here have no shame when it comes to self promotion so you’re more likely to get the vote of a staff member if you put them in the strip.

Should You Decide To Accept:

There will be only one winner. The whole random draw thing is for the other contest we run. Each person is allowed one entry and only one, even if you have more then one web comic. You need to either decide which of yours you want us to judge or have everything you send us be part of the same entry. All entries are to be emailed to us at digital.strips@gmail.com in any form viewable by every browser. Unlike Zampzon I will not take the time to reformat the entries but instead simply post them as sent.

The deadline is Sept 8th midnight GMT. That would be 7pm eastern for those like me who are time zone impaired. The judges, as mentioned above, will be the entire staff eight people. That includes Phil, Wednesday, The Geek, Ian, PookeyG, Midnight, Jerry, and myself. The winner will be announced a week later on both the blog and a podcast.

In Your Best Interest:

Enough stalling, what do you get! I’m famous for being lazy and unfortunately we have not been getting a lot of swag recently. To compensate I will first send the winner the entire web comic book collection available at Amazon. This delicious dish consists of a scrumptious appetizer of T Campbell's The History of Webcomics. The main course will delight the senses with a dish of Scott McCloud's Making Comics with a side of Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics. For desert we will shock you with a slice of Steven Withrow's chocolate Webcomics: Tools and Techniques for Digital Cartooning.

You're probably asking yourself how we could possibly serve you anything even remotely better then the above. Easy, we're adding $50 towards the purchase of any web comic in print books. You heard me, we will purchase for you any number of web comic books totaling $50. You can ask for books from 50 different sites, as long as each costs only a dollar, or purchase just one from your favorite comic. But that's not the best part. In addition you will not only have your comic featured on the front of the site but it will be the last comic in a possible Digital Strips book. That's right, should I ever get off my lazy butt and write the intro we will publishing a collection of the entire first year celebrating the podcast that started it all.


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead, Yes You Are!

  1. Okay, maybe I’m tired, or maybe I’m drunk but why can’t I easily find the cartoon archive of DS? I really think that would help folks who wish to enter the contest (I will neither confirm nor deny I’m interested at this point).

    I’m just saying is all. There should be a nice big friendly link somewhere obvious.


  2. Actually, I am tired and I meant a link right in the post vs hidden among the top banner.

    …okay, I admit I didn’t see it.


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