DS 540: Do Read The Comments

David Gallaher is adding a new achievement to his list with his work on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Steve is hyped about the Midnight Radio Kickstarter supporting a new hardcover collection of comics, and Jason catches us up on his criticism of Pepper and Carrot, which has taken a turn NO one saw coming!


0 thoughts on “DS 540: Do Read The Comments

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  2. Just a note that in this episode and the prior one you referred generically to ‘Creative Commons’ as the license David releases P&C under. This is not very descriptive, as CC is meant to be a diverse suite of licenses suitable for many different purposes and intentions. Some of them fit the definition of ‘free culture’, others do not.

    David specifically uses CC-BY 4, a license whose sole restriction is that reusers of the content attribute the creators thereof (which includes David but also all the people who work to translate the comic and add to the lore, which in the case of the panel edit this episode was partially about includes you, it seems! :P) and let others know that is the license used.

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