Digital Strips Podcast 303 – Review – Monsieur Charlatan

The world just hasn’t been as mysterious since that great day when Al Gore bent at the waist and farted out the Web. The Internet is a great place for solving the unsolveable. From “How hot of a girl did that nerd in my math class marry?” to, “What happened in those last seasons of the X-Files?”, the Internet can answer just about any question.

In keeping with this tradition, this week we solve the mystery of the worst song you could possibly be forced to tap dance to.

This week we also get all kinds of culture up in here as we head over to Grand Paris for some dark, depressing suicide attempts. And then Jason decides to ruin it with his own personal brand of sexism. Way to go, Jason. Way to go.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the comic. This week it’s Monsieur Charlatan, a tale of murder, mystery and intrigue. It’s also got colorful art and word balloons that make us say colorful things.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Just listen, all will be made clear.

We also talk about the gag-an-update comics that we’ve been reading, enjoy a non-safe-for-children midsection and listen to Steve do a horrible French accent.

All this and more on episode 303 of The Digital Strips Podcast.

Show Notes:
Toon Hole – 6:45
Skadi – 7:15
Just the First Frame – 7:30
Quiddlebee – 8:15
Kurtz’s blog post – 9:00

Music in the middle is White Magic is for Sissies by Knight of the Round


3 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 303 – Review – Monsieur Charlatan

  1. Regarding Sir Scott of Kurtzania’s blog post:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I workshop most of my comic strip ideas on my personal Facebook. Formula is kinda

    1 – Make dumbass post on Facebook
    2 – Engage in dumbass comments
    3 – Mine the conversational data for precious strip-production ore

  2. Yeah, that seems like a perfectly natural and effective workflow.

    Not only am OK seeing the same joke in different avenues from the same creator, I bet most of the time the joke comes out differently between the mediums.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hey guys!

    I am so honoured that you took the time to review my web-comic -really- that’s wow -thanks!Just found out on twitter and I was in awe!

    Just to set things right:I am a girl so that explains the flat chest hehehehe…sorry about that;)

    My lettering and bubbles is indeed weird, tried too many times to fix it,and still look out of place. So yeah I totally agree on that…

    And third and most important, it’s not the editor’s fault!He is a brilliant writer and he works for free.He doesn’t do the bubbles just indicates corrections on the dialogue..
    Having said that, I am dyslexic, can’t even spell his name right.I know that’s no excuse, just wanna take the blame for the typos. It’s all me *sigh*

    But seriously that was a very cool review, I love well constructed critique. Again I am so happy you took the time to check the comic. Will try to fix the flaws;)


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