Digital Strips Podcast 302 – Horizons Watch – Monsterkind

It feels like a first … could it be a first? I believe we have never gone longer on news and other items than we have on the featured comic(s), but that’s exactly what we have here. Taking part … ok, all of the blame, as the Horizons pick I brought to the table turned out to have far too many updates to be allowable for this type of show (but very possible for a regular review candidate some time soon!). With that said, the news and Whatcha Been Readin’:

Having nothing to do with any theme in the show but coming from a damn fine video game, the track “Paris” by M.O.O.N. (19:00) from the psycho psychedelic puzzle/shooter, Hotline Miami serves as our midshow music. If that entire sentence didn’t get you pumped, then perhaps this track will. I’d also feel terrible if I didn’t mention that the entire soundtrack is available to stream from Soundcloud.

One pick for Horizons Watch this time around, and it’s not exactly lighting a fire under either of us.

What kind of world would you get if humans (or more accurately, human) and monsters lived together? It’s hard to say from the quick glance this fairly fresh comic provides us, but why not be the judge for yourself? Along the way, we mention a couple other comics:

And finally, the reason you all listen in the first place, the Rambletron is activated! Its topics this week include (but are not limited to): More than you ever wanted to know about The Last of the Mohicans, the very real help you can still provide to Hurricane Sandy victims (text REDCROSS to 90999), booger babies and how all children eventually turn to leprosy, A Tale of Two Skypes, and the disgusting lie of the Tootsie Pop. Enjoy!


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