Digital Strips Podcast 301 – Review – Kiwi Blitz

You know what’s really awesome? Banana bread. You know what’s even more awesome? Giant robots fighting to the bitter end in the most non-coming-of-age coming-of-age story ever. That sentence may be gramatically unsound, but if you read this week’s comic Kiwi Blitz, I think you’ll find it very accurate where it matters (in its pants).

It seems just about every other week we talk about how much fun it is as a web comics fans to watch creators grow and push themselves in new directions. This week is no exception as a lot of the mean stuff I say about the first part of the comic doesn’t apply to the second part. However, I make my notes as I go, so I have to say that stuff anyway.

This week’s comic deals with a lot of issues a normal teenager faces. Trouble with friends of the opposite gender, not understanding your place in the world, not trusting the robot your father’s underground college buddy sent him for no apparent reason. Despite this totally generic set up, the comic has a lot of guts and a lot of heart and enough anime action tropes to keep us going.

We talk about how much better hurrincanes are when you know someone who might die, how Jason’s wearing skinny jeans almost lead to his daughter’s starvation, why living in a Ninja Turtle world would be completely underwhelming experience, why if you’re in a long running podcast about web comics, when reviewing a comic, why’s its so important to read the about page. And how one wrong telling of a joke can lead to a lifetime of confusion.

Please join us, it’s a fun time.

2D Goggles – 6:00
The Meek – 8:15
Red’s Planet – 8:15
Kate Beaton – 9:15
Doom-mates – 10:00
Meet tha ____ – 11:15
Questionable Content – 31:00

Middle music by AkumajoBelmont and Jason Covenant over at OCR.


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