Digital Strips Podcast 300 – Sin Titulo Con Catchup

Sin Titulo by Cameron StewartIt’s been a long journey, and Steve and I weren’t even along for a good chunk of it, but we’re here with Episode 300 and kicking things off right with a little love and dedication to Arrested Development. In news, I mention a story about a guy who paused during a livestream of League of Legends to masturbate and Steve reminds us all that there used to exist a Digital Strips comic. Also, webcomics:

Our mid-show break is something appropriately spooky and weird for this show, a little something from The Addams Family video game called “Nightmare on Cemetery Lane” (14:19), remixed by Random Hero. Full disclosure: I was also watching The Addams Family on cable before editing this show. So there it is.

When deciding what to look at for our 300th installment, picking a single comic to take a fresh look at just didn’t seem right. What if we could take a look back at something we’re eager to catch up with, as part of our new feature podcast series, Catchin’ Up? Not moments after that, Cameron Stewart, comic creator and illustrator extraordinaire, Tweeted that he was currently working on the last few pages of his five-year project …

With that, we dive back into the supernatural, introspective, wild world that Cameron has constructed over the last few years. For past reference, we previously looked at Sin Titulo in Episode 128, and I conducted a two-part interview with Cameron, which you can find here and here (SPOILERS: I talked about LOST a lot back then, too, and even promised to jack-slap the esteemed creator over IM. Classy!).

During our first conversation, the discussion skewed more towards, “Where do we think is going?” but our most recent one retrospectively ponders, “What did it all mean?”. It’s one of our longer podcasts in recent memory, but the topics never stray far from the comic itself (a first for us!). Listen in and then comment below with your theories as to what the heck went down in the course of those 160 pages (my interviews with Cameron provide a good basis for this understanding).

The Rambletron rambles on, during both the mid and post-show music, and includes, but is not limited to: how Jason is not a person to depend on in a clutch situation, being prepared, meat loaf (in both delicious, beefy combinations and washed-up wailing rockers), and how it’s always more American to make your own sauce than to buy one.


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