Digital Strips Podcast 298 – Review – Rutabaga

This week we’re heading back in the wide and dangerous of fantasy adventure long form comics. I say wide because, seriously, there is a metric butt-ton of these things out there. And I say dangerous because after every episode we do of one, Jason threatens me with bodily harm should I bring forward another one.

But seriously, what’s he gonna do to me? Screw that guy. Besides, despite the fact that he says he hates them, he seriously loves them, just like all the girls over the years who said they hate me, secretly love me.

This week the potential podcast ender is Rutabaga by Eric Colossal. A whimsical romp full of daring adventures, fantastical creatures and hero who really knows when it’s time to get cooking!

We talk about the art, we compare it to other comics, we even make fun of each other like grown men aren’t supposed to. We do everything that that you expect from an episode of Digital Strips. We even find time to talk about real-life never nudes, Jason’s bumhole book and the proud crest of the Shinney clan. All this and more on the latest episode of Digital Strips.

El Esqueleto – 6:15
Witch And Knight 7:15
Trenches 8:45
Order of the Stick 10:15
Gastrophobia 18:15
Ellie on Planet X 19:30
Skadi 20:15
I think you’re saucsome 23:45


3 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 298 – Review – Rutabaga

  1. Hey guys, you have no contact information on your website for this, but I was hoping I could talk you both into coming on The Webcomic Beacon podcast for an episode, sometime.

  2. Hey, Fes Works! Yeah, we tend to let the info we throw out at the end of each episode speak for us on the matter of contacting us, but I suppose we could probably stand to list it somewhere here as well, huh? If you’d like to contact us, you can write to, or Tweet to @digitalstrips. We’re also on Facebook, where you can just search for “Digital Strips” and get our page.

    Thanks, we hope to hear from you soon!

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