Digital Strips Podcast 251 – Harvey Nominees 2011

This is the ChromebookWhat up guys, I’ve been having computer problems all morning, which is a lame reason for a lame show write up but hey, what can I say, Jason is totally lame.

This week, we do our annual look at the Harvey nominations for best online comic. As much as I piss and moan about how big timey awards don’t get webcomics, I do think they’re starting to, and I’m super glad they’re at least trying. This year’s list is certainly not what I would have picked, but it’s a good one and it gives us a lot to talk about.

We start by talking about how hot it is in various places and why Jason can’t play games. We then get into how Steve may buy a Chromebook which gets Steve talking about his latest love Fumbbl and invites you all to kick his butt at playing a pretend sport with pretend types of people.

The music for both breaks this time is “You Are My Sunshine” by Reflector.

News is pretty limited this time around. We talk about Chickenhare’s (7:00) possible animation deal and Steve’s definite racism towards ogres is revealed. The only other news is a blip about Hello with Cheese (9:00), Lars deSouza, Jamie Noguchi are making a board game which gets us off topic onto bored games and somehow to another podcast of Jason’s recommendation, Totally Rad Show (9:45)

Talking about other podcasts gets us thinking about a throw down we had weeks ago so we finally get into the Day[9] vs Giant Bomb discussion and other podcasts we like, such as Filmsack.

Harvey talk starts at 19:30, I’ll just list the comics nominated since we jump back and forth between them a lot:

Guns of Shadow Valley
Hark! a Vagrant
LaMorte Sisters

Bonus points if anyone can find the point where the friggin chickadee started chirping out side my window.


3 thoughts on “Digital Strips Podcast 251 – Harvey Nominees 2011

  1. Swing a dead LoLcat it is.

    As for more podcasts, I don’t know if my life can handle more, but I’ll be sure to check them out if I can. Thanks for the recommendation!

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