Digital Strips 219 – Review: Faraday the Blob

Super sorry for the delay folks, not sure why I was dumb last weekend, I just was.

This week we take an in depth look at Faraday the Blob, a comic that is so web comics that I could just say that and be done with it all. But I’ve been told that that is vague and not really an adjective and that I should say more. When I say something is web comicy, I mean it’s funny, edgy, weird, that it does stuff that would just never fly in the print world. FtB is all this, more and a bag of chips.

This week we also talk about pizza etiquette, the nature of strips clubs in Utah and web comics news.

Show Notes
Mcrib Locator dot com
Boxcar Astronaut
Spooky Doofus
Legend of Bill
Imagine This
Zombie Street Fighter
Beaver and Steve
Scenes from a Multiverse

Faraday Comics Mentioned
the Vuvesela one
Strip 37
Strip 57
Strip 60


6 thoughts on “Digital Strips 219 – Review: Faraday the Blob

  1. Irish… I should have guessed. He is green after all.

    Thanks for the heads up and the comment.

  2. Great show! I’m new listener, so I’m going back through the archives. I just wanted to say that there exists a world without pepperoni pizza. I live there. It’s called China.

  3. Hey Xiao Mao, glad to hear you’re enjoying the show.

    Last time I was in China there was pepperoni pizza, it was just bad, overpriced and bad. So I guess that doesn’t really count.

    Thanks for the comment.

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