Status of Episode 220

Sometimes it rains pennies from Heaven. Sometimes it rains cats and dogs. And sometimes those cats and dogs go poop in the air and the turds land on your face.

Metaphorically, that’s what happened to episode 220. Due to some technical hurdles I don’t have anything to post for you guys and I’m very sorry about that. I’ll try to have a general recap typed up in the next couple of days but I’ve spent most of the evening typing up my grandfather’s eulogy for my Grandma who typed it up herself, but didn’t know how to save it so she printed it and mailed me a copy to type up.

You gotta love grandmas.

So yeah, I’m kinda typed out for one night but will tell you guys all about Chava and Don Anders and Cleopatra in Spaaaaace in the coming day or so.

Or better yet, read the comics yourself and throw your thoughts about these comics in the comments below. Then it’ll be like we’re all learning together.

Once again, we apologize for the momentary lapse in coolness.


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