Digital Strips 217 – Review: String Theory

Does it take a lot these days to impress you? Then you’re not alone.

After countless examples of absolute turd-knockers blinding innocent bystanders with science, one of them finally get’s a taste of his own medicine. String Theory by Beckey Grundy starts in a hospital with it’s main character learning that he lost his eyes. Fortunately they gave him some fact ones because it’s the future. Unfortunately that’s the last good thing to happen to the poor guys in the next two and a half chapters of comic.

This episode we talk about all kinds of artsy topics, like the use of color, contrast between foreground and background, cool covers and more. We also talk about when it’s best to cut your loses and stop trying to the funny all the time. Mostly though, we talk about this comic and what we’ve learned from it, both about the art form and about our selves.

All this, plus news, references to other comics, dropped names and so much more all on the latest episode of Digital Strips.

Show Notes:
Captain Excelsior (Stupendous)
DJ Coffman’s Program
Web comics dot com
the overlook
Questionable Content
Scenes from the Multiverse
Storming the Tower
Cyanide and Happiness
Imagine This
Joe Loves Crappy Movies


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