Digital Strips 216 – Horizons Watch : Grumpiverse and The Dawn Chapel

It’s time we go back to what this podcast was always supposed to be about: Two guys with very different tastes in comics telling each other how stupid the other one is.

We take on two very different comics this week. The very political Grumpiverse an the very cute The Dawn Chapel. Both are new comics, both are trying to do stuff that will set them apart from the see of sameness that the Web often has to offer and both are worth checking out.

We also talk about what’s kicking right now in the world of Web comics. What’s speaking to us, what’s trying new things and some basic principles that can make any comic better. We also revisit some past Digital Strips picks to see how they’re doing. All this and more on the latest episode of the bestest podcast ever.

Show Notes:
Good Ship Chronicles
Bear and Tiger
Head Injury theater
Hyperbole ad a half
Pictures for sad children
Penny Arcade
DND Podcast
Cyanide and Happiness
Bear Nuts
Dawn of Time
My milk Toof
One swoop fell
Abominable Charles Christopher

Next Week:

String Theory


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