Digital Strips 210 – Review Bullfinch

There are a few advantages to being as dumb as I am. No one asks you to create an equation that will quantify the universe. The ending to mystery shows is always a surprise. And you’re wrong so often that you have so much practice admitting you’re wrong that it becomes really easy.

And that’s what this episode is. Steve “The Geek” Shinney admitting that he was wrong about a comic. They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, which is stupid, that’s why they have the picture on the cover so you can judge it. If a book has a dragon and a barbarian chick in a chain main bikini on the cover, I judge that I’m going to like it. You should not however judge a Web comic by it’s first hundred strips. That’s the lesson I’m trying to expound on here.

The comic we look at is Bullfinch, by TL Collins. It’s gone through many changes, from gag-a-day to long form story, from black and white to full color and from boring to really good. Come along and we’ll explain what happened and why we were so excited that it did.

Show Notes:
Rip Haywire
Calvin and Hobbes search engine
Cyanide and Happiness
Pictures for Sad Children
Realm of Atland
Penny Arcade
First Rape Strip
The Second
Web comic overlook
CAD Review
Red’s Planet
Templar Arizona


4 thoughts on “Digital Strips 210 – Review Bullfinch

  1. Enjoyed the heck out of this show. Agreed with both of your assessments of Bullfinch. It truly has come a long way. Great job, guys! And great job, T.L.!

  2. Just discovered you guys from a google search on “webcomic podcast”. Listened to this episode and – guess what – you have a new subscriber!

  3. And subscribing is free, just like it should be!

    Glad to hear it, Eric, welcome to Digital Strips! I know a lot of people have been listening to past episodes upon stumbling across our little corner of the Internet, so I hope you find those just as much to your liking.

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