Small Press Brings Us The Ignatz Award Nominees And They Are… Weird

But not necessarily weird in a, “Ew! Mommy, why doesn’t that man have any ears?” but more of an indie, weird-just-to-be-different way. Just like the bizarre-sounding name would have you presupposing, the Ignatz nominees are an all over the place bunch, ranging from cute and quaint to, “Hey, the Far Side was funny, let’s see what it looks like when drawn horribly and with less humor!” (that would be Callahan Online, by the way).

All the others look to have promise in one way or another, even if most of their archives are much too shallow to offer enough material to even review, let alone reward. Still, I’ll see if I can’t convince Steve to take a closer look at them all in an upcoming podcast. The full list, with links, can be found after the break.


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