Digital Strips 209 – Review: Strewth!

Subtitle: The Strewth about StarCraft II.

So it is show time again, and that means we’re looking at comics with a fine toothed comb. Or something like that. I’m not really sure what show time means exactly. I just know that it means I get to read a comic and my wife can’t yell at me.

This time around the Internet block, we take a look at Strewth! a comic by Josh Way, the creator of Chronicle, a comic we reviewed a couple years back. It’s always awesome to see when people take on new projects, especially in this case where the two works could almost not be more different. From the story based world of small town newspaper to the random, spastic world of doing whatever comes to mind. That’s the kind of transition we’re talking about here.

Through out the show we talk a lot about the nature of these more random, no central characters/story line gag-a-day strips. How they are different than the standard fare and the challenges that creators face. In the actual show I end up saying that the lack of theme didn’t effect my enjoyment of the comic, but as I listened again, thought about it more and read more of other comics, it started to more of an issue in my mind. I’m only recanting that line though, everything else I said I still mean/meant.

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Anyway, enough yammering, let’s make with the:

Show Notes

I suck at Starcraft II
chronicle review
Imagine This
Count your sheep
Chainsaw Suit


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