Digital Strips 132 – Review: Chronicle

Have you ever had the feeling that you posted the latest exciting episode of Digital Strips only to realize right before bed two days later that you hadn’t? If you have let me know. We probably have a lot of other things in common and should hang out.

This show is old school Digital Strips. In a throw back to the good old days of yore, we offer you a review with a lot of dissenting opinions, vicious rants and personal attacks. It’s as if nothing has changed at all. This week we take on Chronicle by Josh Way. While we all found things that we liked and disliked about the stretch, I don’t think there was a single issue that we all agreed on.

Still, good times are had, laughs are shared and we all feel closer to one another, and that we’re right and the other two are idiots when they disagree with us. You to can take part in these feelings of togetherness. Just plug in your earphones and listen in.


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