Digital Strips 205 Horizons Rewind Summer 2009

I love the History Channel. Well, I love it when it’s actually showing history and not fat guys driving in bad weather. I used to want to be a historian until I realized how important money is to daily life because I love the sense of looking about how things used to be and comparing them to the here and now.

Well this podcast is nothing if not a chance for me to live out my childhood dreams, so we’re taking another look back at Web comics of podcasts past. We’re looking at the strips that we featured for Horizons Watch in summer of 2009.

The comics (and our year old opinion of them) are:

I Love Tapes – An indie rocker tale with an amazing art style.

The Meek – An animated movie that you get to read one gorgeous panel at a time.

Cucuc – The most European thing you’ll read this week (even if you’re European)

and Tails – A story about cats.

Do we still feel the same way? Have these comics grown and improved? Are they even still alive? Tune in to the show to find out.

I’ll have proper show notes when I update the RSS feed at lunch. For now I need to go to work.

Edit-Apparently when I say lunch, I mean after work since I had to make an airport run instead, sorry about that.

Episode 164
Episode 166
I love tapes
The Meek
Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name
Tiny Kitten Teeth
Combustible Orange
Facebook link
Realm of Atland


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