Digital Strips 200 – a Number so Big it Needs no Title

We did it, we recorded ourselves talking 200 times.

This is a super special episode in which we talk to two special guests that should be well known to old time fans of the show. We discuss a wide array of topics, getting right to the very meat of what Web comics are and what they mean to us and to the world. We also talk about how web comics can capitalize on blogs and conventions to become more than any other medium could ever hope to and we end with our favorite web comics.

It’s a long show and one with a lot stuff to respond to so please do so in the magical area below.

Show Notes:
Digital Strips Adventures
Bramble Vine
Perry Bible Fellowship
Penny Arcade
Woody After Hours
Least I could do
Finders Keepers
Princess and Giant
Guns of Shadow Valley
Greetings from Wonderland
Dorm Dorks
Doodles from deGrandLand
Chippy and Lupus
Abominable Charles Christopher
My life in a cube
Bear and Tiger
Pajama Forest
Edmund Finney
Imagine this
Rice Boy
Dark Legacy
Omake Theater

We actually lost Daku’s (spoiler?) sign off. Sorry about that.


2 thoughts on “Digital Strips 200 – a Number so Big it Needs no Title

  1. Another great episode from a podcast that has withstood the test of time. A true inspiration to listeners and fans alike.

    May you have 200 more episodes until the Internet explodes, and then some 🙂

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