Digital Strips 196 – Horizons Watch: Lucy Phurr’s Imps and Zarha’s Paradise

Apparently, I’m such a bad cook, I can make chicken taste like pee. But that’s neither here nor there. Where is both here and there is Horizons Watch, which means we’ve got two more comics for you that we think have the potential to be the next big thing.

We talk first about Lucy Phurr’s Imps. A fun romp with a lot of color and a lot of character. We then move on to Zahra’s Paradise, by far the most serious, political and possibly important comic that we’ve ever featured.

We also talk about web comics voting sites, what it means to be a conceptual comic, how to be more real to your listeners, how much I hate it when people say my name wrong and most importantly, Street Fighter.

Join in on the fun. The comments sections is laid bare before you, please make proper use of it.

Show Notes:
ExtraLife Radio
order of the stick
cru the dwarf

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