Digital Strips 189 – Zuda Watch March 2010

Remember last show when I said I was pissy because I’m hungry because I’m in a stupid weight loss competition? Well the competition, like my hunger, continues, so keep that in mind as you listen in. I’d recommend taking everything I say with a grain of salt, but that would get be thinking about food, so I won’t.

It’s Zuda Watch time again. This month the great comic battle was not as overwhelming impressive as it was last month. Lots of great potential was had, but not focused into tight, well told eight page stories. But, as is the case every month, there were several entries that just stood out and made us take notice.

Was your favorite among those we deem awesome? Or are you going to have to step up and make a case for it in the comments section? The only way to know for sure is to listen in and represent.

Three side notes. First, I lost my record of which comics we mentioned in this episode. I’ll listen again and get that added as soon as I can, but in the mean time, no show notes. Two, I’m still messing with some recording settings, so this show’s level’s aren’t the best, I hope you don’t notice but let me know if you do, especially if you know how to get it better. Finally, in this episode I made the throat-punch worthy mistake or referring to David Gallaher as David Gallager. I hope he can find it in his half werewolf heart to forgive me.


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