Noir Et Blanc

With the turn of the decade this year marks the 5+ years that I have been reading webcomics. In that time my list of favorites has grown and shrunk with the amount of free time my life gives me. Although my recent eureka that if I stopped playing facebook games would give me more time I think the list will grow past 7 to 20. We can only hope. Anyways one of those lucky few I’ve kept up with is LICD, if only because Rayne is is secretly based off of my life. So I am forced to find out how the guys render my telepathic communications.

That’s why it is so exciting to hear about the release of the first 127 pages in print form. The book takes these strips done by Trevor completely redrawn by Lar. Starting Friday, March 19th at 12:00 AM EST the long awaited prequel remastered for a new age will be released as LICD: Noir et Blanc. The book itself will be shipping out in early April.

The book will be the same size as the normal LICD collections and be full of commentary. The real differences will be in the lack of color in the interior, a length of only 88 pages and, of course, half the cost. As is par for the course Lar and Ryan will be signing the first 1,000 books sold. So do not delay in ordering come Friday. And naturally, a pre-sale announcement wouldn’t be the same without a look at the cover.

Noir et Blanc: available for sale this Friday, March 19th at 12:00 AM EST.


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