Digital Strips 186 – Zuda Watch Feb 2010

It’s time again to gather around the campfire, sharpen some sticks and toast a few Zuda entries to make s’mores. It’s another attempt at the shorter format, though not as short as last time. There’s just too much to talk about with Zuda.

This month has it’s usually crop, some good and some bad. We get down into one of my biggest pet peeves about the average Zuda entrant and talk about a couple of Jason complaints about comics in general that I never seem to notice

We also chat a bit about Bioshock 2, the proper voice for an eagle, those aliens from Sesame Street and a bunch of other cool stuff. Plus I make about the biggest hosting error of my career so you don’t want to miss that.

    Zuda Entries in Order

Scifi drive By
Techno Insecto
Aliens vs Ninja vs Samuari
Divided by Seven
Island, Alone
New Morning

Other things we mentioned
Ryan Estrada
vote for Ryan Estrada
The Kind you don’t bring home to mother
The Meek
Onry Boy
Pet Professional
Tales from the Middle Kingdom
Extra life


4 thoughts on “Digital Strips 186 – Zuda Watch Feb 2010

  1. Dude, make that DUDE, singular. I liked it and would love to see more! That said, how comes the funding on the movie? Any chance of seeing TKYDTHTM anytime soon?

  2. Stay tuned then, we’re planning to have that show up on the 14th.

    And best of luck to you.

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