Model Behaviour webmanga Review

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Model Behaviour Review

I was browsing in Google, and found a webcomic manga that managed to fascinate with its startup story and feel.

Model Behaviour, by Jin Sun Oh, is a webmanga for older teens and younger adults. It is a story a young handsome guy, named Jack, who was working for a fashion company.

Jack is a well-known chick-magnet and a womanizer, who doesn’t miss his targets… usually.

Jack met his match when a rising hot model, named Louise, showed no particular interest with him. And there the story continues on his journey of trying to know Louise more intimately.

First impressions

Model Behaviour was definitely different from my usual preferences of genre; it seems to be developing into a romantic comedy full of twists and turns.

And I like the feel of that. Too much of fighting and fantasy makes me dizzy.

Girls and ladies might fancy this webmanga well.

The webcomic itself is at its infancy. Only 4 chapters at present, and the author updates every monday.

The storyline itself looks promising, and smells of maturity is up in the air. I recommend a PG-13 for this, although its a safe webcomic; only very suggestive.

I usually have a very high standard for manga webcomics, in regards to artwork and storylines; that’s because in order to ‘beat’ traditional comic books or manga, which are usually scanlations online, somehow webcomics need to pull up its socks a little bit.

For Model Behaviour, personally I feel that the artwork is decent, and the storyline is okay, but it smells a little blend of Korean or Japanese drama in it.

Whether the blend is good or bad, I will leave it to you to critique…

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