Digital Strips 183 – Review Kukuburi

Don’t tell my wife or son, but one of my favorite things has always been to imagine that my current life isn’t really a thing and lose myself in a fantasy world. While I enjoy retreating into the old classics, I can only pretend to be Captain Pichard so many times.

That’s why I love it when a comic (or movie/book/game, but this is Digital Strips) creates a world that I’ve never been to before. Something truly unique for this weary, whimsical-world wanderer. Kukuburi by Ramon Perez creates just such a world.

Listen in to see if this new playground can hold water and if this comic can live up to the standards set by so many great ones that have gone before (many of which we mention in the show at least once).

Once again I’m posting from work so I’ll fill in the links for the show notes up later along with updating the itunes/RSS feed. Here are the names of the comics mentioned just to tide you early birds over.

Oregon Trail
Odell Lake
Ryan Estrada
The Kind you Don’t take home to Mother
The donation place
Uwe Boll
Transmission X
Butternut Squash
Abominable Charles Christopher
Sin Titulo
Panda Xpress
Rice Boy
Dresden Codak
Dreamland Chronicles
Phantom Sword
Realm of Atland
Looking for Group
Mirror’s Edge
Finder’s Keepers

I’ll try to figure out getting url’s into the itunes feed tomorrow, I’m sure it’s easy, but nothing’s easy when you’re running on seven hours of sleep over two days.


2 thoughts on “Digital Strips 183 – Review Kukuburi

  1. The art alone makes this one of the best strips on the web right now. I’m glad you guys reviewed it.

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