The Washington Post Runs Webcomic Poll ~THAT~ You May Or May Not Care About

It’s become fairly commonplace for big news outlets to talk about webcomics like they know what’s up. It’s become even more usual for these same outlets to miss the point completely, talking up strips instead of those that were birthed and cared for on the web.

Not so for The Washington Post. Their comics blog, Comic Riffs, put together by Michael Cavna, recently put out the call for the best webcomics of the last decade and receieved a bevy of great comics to load into a poll for the readers to vote on. Though it’s impossible to hit every note for every fan, they do an admirable job filling things in, with everything from Girls With Slingshots to xkcd, not leaving out Hark! A Vagrant or Wondermark! (a runner-up, but hey, a mention is a mention), and including Sinfest and Schlock Mercenary.

It reads like a who’s who or the big names in the industry, so peruse the list if you need to fill out your RSS feed and don’t forget to vote! The winner gets the handsome prize of having something nice to print on the back of their next book.


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