Digital Strips 182 – Horizons Watch Loldwell and My Milk Toof

It’s the beginning of a brand new day, and brand new weekend and still – philosophically – a brand new year and what better way to celebrate than with two brand new – to you – strips?

This month on Horizons Watch we do another spectrum spanner. Jason’s pick was Loldwell by H Caldwell Tanner, a comic so Web comicy that I think I’ll used it as an example for now one. It’s full of gags, puns and Internet humor and makes no apologies for any of it.

On the other side, my pick My Milk Toof by Inhae is something I’ve never seen before. A photo comic fully of whimsy and spunk starring two tiny teeth. There’s no where else you can find something like this, which I guess makes it really Web comicy in its own way.

Please, check out the strips, let us know what you think. And let them know you found them through our show. That’ll really surprise them.

Show Notes:
Evan Dahm
Rice Boy
Gun Show
Hark a Vagrant
Chain Saw Suit
Johnny Wander
Delilah and the Basilisk
1/11 Penny Arcade
Ugly Hill
No Invented Here
Perry Bible Fellowship
Pilgrims are Noobs
Internet Bible
Sept 22 string theory
Dec 18 Crop Circles
Dec 10 The Buckley Clause
The Christmas Strip
Dawn of Time
Silent Kimbley
Kawaii Not
Twist Kaijuu Theater
Irregular Web Comics
The Lair of the Dreaded Atrox
Pavlov’s Dream
Scooter and Ferret


2 thoughts on “Digital Strips 182 – Horizons Watch Loldwell and My Milk Toof

  1. Haven’t listened to the show yet, just stopped by to pick up the URLs (boy I wish you’d put them in the show info in iTunes…). Anyway, just wanted to say I initially read “spectrum spanner” as “rectum spanner”. That is all…

  2. “Rectum Spanner” is just funny enough that I’ll have to look into how to put links into itunes for you.

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