Ryan Estrada Planning Movie Based ~ON~ His Hit Zuda Entry

Ok, to be a hit, it probably would have to win the monthly contest, but come on! This sweet, charming, funny comic should have won that month, no question. Regardless, Estrada has decided to do what he usually does and just turn it into something amazing on his own.

Feel the tension!

Already in the works, The Kind You Don’t Take Home to Mother: The Motion Picture will be a 90-minute full-length animated tale spun out of the 8-page Zuda entry (found here or here, if you prefer the Flashed up, Zuda site version). The look will be both familiar and different, as the Estrada-produced cartoons will be laid over real-life backgrounds, shot in downtown Royal Oaks, Michigan.

All three of our ZudaWatchers (one former) agreed unanimously that this concept needed to continue in some form, so kudos to Estrada and the team he’s assembling to make this thing happen!


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