Least I Could Do Revisits The Past ~PRESENTED IN~ Re-Digitized, Remastered, Lar-i-vision

Last week, Ryan Sohmer announced that he and Lar DeSouza would be working together on a redux of the first 127 Least I Could Do strips, originally illustrated by Trevor Adams. As Sohmer himself puts it:

While I’m not proud of the writing done in those strips, they nonetheless contain many historic moments that still resonate with our characters today.

With that in mind, he playfully told Lar he should redraw all 127 strips so the continuity of the current look is kept intact. Lar, being the drawing machine that he is, took him up on the challenge and the resulting LICD: Black and White book is what will result from this dare.

I can’t think of a single artist who wouldn’t jump at the chance to redo any older work, especially elements that effect current storylines that were never under their control. The link above will take you to the LICD post where we are given a taste of what this remastering might offer. The more polished, cleaner work of DeSouza is tasty to say the least and I can’t wait to see how these older strips are given a new life with this book.


2 thoughts on “Least I Could Do Revisits The Past ~PRESENTED IN~ Re-Digitized, Remastered, Lar-i-vision

  1. Actually, to hear Lar tell the story, they are redrawing the strips, not for the sake of continuity, but because the strips were originally done for the web only. And thus were not at a high enough resolution to print.

  2. Appreciate the fact boost, Cannon! Also, sweet, SWEET name you got there.

    Many creators don’t think to work in higher resolutions for a possible print version later on down the road, so I’m glad you bring up this handy webcomic tip.

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