Digital Strips 181 – Zuda Watch Jan 2010

A Zuda Watch, in the first eight days of a month? What devilry is this?

We’re trying a quicker, lighter format for Zuda Watch this time. We hit the highlights and zoom through the rest. Let us know what you think of the change. Listening through a second time during editing, I really like it. Hope you do too.

We talk about the usual Zuda topics, art, writing, boobs, war, what will happen after the apocalypse. That sort of thing.

I just checked out the current rankings. Looks like I’m slightly better at watching Zuda than Jason is.

Show Notes:
Zuda entries in order mentioned
War of the Fallen
Phantom Sword
War of the Woods
Beyond the Borderlands
Candy from Strangers
Iron Sam
Pavlov’s Dream
Road Monster

Other Sites/Stuff we mentioned
Prince Valiant
Rex Morgan MD
Abominable Charles Christopher
North World
Lone Wold and Cub
Afro Samurai
Hijos de P


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