Kate Beaton, Children’s Books, Bat & Wolf, and Advertising

More and more of the alerts I’ve been getting seem to be more about webcomics getting more coverage on Google than ever before. Out of the past 12 I’ve looked at 5 of the alerts were for comics I had never heard of and 5 were for xkcd. Yeah, I’m starting to get a little sick of it as well. Reminds me of the advertising blitz they did for Avatar. If only that movie had turned out less than fabulous I could continue with my righteous anger.

Kate Beaton came out with a new book a few weeks back. This is the third time I’ve seen some sort of link to “Hark, a vagrant” in as many months, so it has just ended up on my list to review and possibly visit in one of our adventures.

There’s an update on Stephanie McMillan’s children’s book. She looks to be nearly finished and has put together a short video preview of the beginning, with narration by Derrick. The book has received more than $1400 of the $6000 goal so far, through partnership with Kickstarter as a fundraising tool. For thos who would like to contribute go here.

Looks like the guys behind Bat & Wolf are having trouble finding additional help as well. For the past year it has been almost impossible to find other artists or writers interested in teaming up. It’s almost as if the medium is having a backlash from all the brotherly love of last year with the great collective rush. Anyone else having trouble finding good team players?

I was going to skip by this but apparently Jonathan Moo has been doing so much leg work that I have to applaud him. What caught my attention was this post about how to advertise your webcomic for free. The seven things he covers are forums, directories, showcasing, bookmarking, link exchange, mirrors, and articles. The advice might be common knowledge but he puts some common sense behind it that’s worth reading.


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