Teaching Baby to Say Goodbye

Well amongst all the hubbub of last night, we recorded a show. DJ Coffman sat in and vented and it was a good time.

Until I tried to put the show together and everything went to pot. I haven’t been able to get the audio files to mix together. If anyone really wants to know what was said, I can probably throw together a really rough cut, but its almost more entertaining to imagine what Mr. Coffman would have to say about it. You can also read this article by Eric Burns-White. He has a lot to say about paywalls, two months before the Webcomics.com switch.

What I really wanted to mention here though is yesterday also marked the end of an institution. Teaching Baby Paranoia began ten years ago today and after a decade of entertaining and educational comics, creator Bryant Paul Johnson has decided to move on.

I’ll be honest. TBP has never been a constant feature in my readings. And yet, every year or so I’d rediscover it, read a couple strips and just be blown away. It remains in my mind a truly unique creation. Nothing was like it when it started and the pattern holds true today.

I love the art and the clever footnotes. I loved how I learned while I read it. I loved the name. I have no idea why I never loved it on a daily basis. Fortunatly, there is plenty to read on the comic’s page over at Modern Tales.

In a way, it’s kind of nice. There’s something almost scholarly about a comic coming to a planned end. There are a lot of great strips that have made a full run. Rice Boy, 95 Gallons and the recently concluded Dar (which I also need to read) spring to mind.

Join me will you. We could have like a Book on the Month Club sort of thing where we all read together and talk about it. Let me know if you’re interested. That’s the comments are for.

EDIT – Eric has Websnarked an article all about the Webcomics.com switch. Check it out.


2 thoughts on “Teaching Baby to Say Goodbye

  1. Thanks for the heads up Eric. I was hoping you’d chime in. During our conversation with DJ, it was decided that we all miss you.

    Oh and fixed. Sorry about that.

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