Digital Strips 179 – Review: Finder’s Keepers

There is a genre of web comics that I seem to forget about and rediscover every couple of months. Fantasy web comics are everywhere on the Internet. Seriously the only thing I think you can find more sites dedicated to are cameras pointed at lonely singles. And yet some how, I keep forgetting that they’re even there. But then one falls into my lap and I find myself with tons of new reading material.

Among the masses though there are comics of all levels. The cream rises to the top though on this episode as we take a look at Finder’s Keepers by Garth Cameron Graham. We had a ton of fun reading and talking about this comic and hope you will enjoy the show.

If you don’t, you suck.

Show Notes:

The David Mitchell Video
Pajama Forest
Least I Could Do
Byron Pinkleton
Penny Arcade
PVP “incident”
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
11/27 Imagine this
Digital Strips Adventures


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