Can you do 3000? Only if you’re Evil, Inc.

Webcomics die hard Brad Guigar celebrated crossing the 3,000-strip mark with last Saturday’s (12/13) installment of “Evil Inc.” Guigar began one of the longest running careers in the biz doing a six-day-a-week comic, Greystone Inn, in February 2000, and with few exceptions, Guigar has been cranking out a daily comic ever since. The now immortalized Greystone ended in June, 2005, and his new daily comic, “Evil Inc,” began.

The list of comics Brad does is not even included in this list. With those extra comics, such as Guigar’s other comics works “Courting Disaster” (260) and “Phables” (97), could probably push him towards the 4000 mark, but the true amazement is that those 3000 have been mostly all in a row. He even has his record backed up by the long forgotten Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge.

Guigar is the co-author of “How To Make Webcomics” and the editor-in-chief of

Pertinent URLS:
• Evil Inc:
• Greystone Inn:
• Courting Disaster:
• Phables:


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