Digital Strips 168 – Review: The System

poojokeYou know those people who say that “less is more” and try to pass it off a deep wisdom, when really their just dicking you out of half of your fries? You should show them The System by Rosscott, because it’s an example of when less really is more, more funny, that is.

Jason and I had a heck of a time on this show, we were really in our element. You can take a listen and let us know if that’s a good thing or not.

Sites mentioned in this episode:
Real Life Comic
Imagine This
Girls with Slingshots


4 thoughts on “Digital Strips 168 – Review: The System

  1. Thanks for the coverage! If I’d known it was coming, I would’ve linked sooner. There will be a post up on my hard to navigate site soon.

  2. Sweet! Thanks guys!

    However — make sure you do yourself a favor and stay away from the first few month. Trust me!

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