Blank Label Comics ~WELCOMES~ Newest Member, The Legend of Bill!

Let it be known that from this moment forward, all news shall come from various other social networking sources. And while my Twitter account languishes in suspension (I swear, I really don’t believe that this plan will work for you because it worked for my entire family) I turn to my various webcomicking Facebook friends to pass along the good news to me.

And what good news this is! As David Reddick, star of The Legend of Bill and soon to be guest artist on an arc of Superfogeys: Origins (link not to Reddick’s work but beautiful nonetheless) is officially joining the fine stable of comics over at Blank Label Comics! Don’t believe Facebook? Then take it straight from Reddick himself (via The Legend of Bill site):

My pal Paul Taylor of Wapsi Square just called me with the great news: I have been formally invited to join the fine quality folks at BLANK LABEL COMICS!

BLC is the collective to some of the web’s finest and most popular webcomics, including such hits as Schlock Mercenary, Wapsi Square, Ugly Hill, Real Life, Shortpacked and Melonpool. I have the utmost respect for this crew of true believers, and Legend of Bill will now keep company with these great strips.

The original members of BLC, not unlike a great music band, were Brad Guigar, Paul Southworth, Kristofer Straub, Paul Taylor, Steve Troop, and David Willis, with Greg Dean, Dave Kellett and Howard Tayler joining in 2005.

With this strategic move, Reddick certainly places himself firmly in the company of webcomic royalty (as evidenced by the amount of quality links in those two paragraphs) and the added exposure will only ensure that this shining star of the webcomics world will shine brighter and farther than ever before. So congratulations to David from everyone here at Digital Strips! You couldn’t be in better company with this move.


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