Digital Strips 154 – Zuda Watch Jan 09

This is probably the most philosophical Digital Strips episode ever. Along with the typical Zuda back and forth, we also delve into the deeper reasoning behind why the average American is so intrigued by dystopia futures and what the real reasons behind internet popularity.

It’s a show for the ages, that’s for sure. Tune in and learn a butt-ton.


9 thoughts on “Digital Strips 154 – Zuda Watch Jan 09

  1. Been a fan of the podcast for a couple of years now – I think we had some interaction about 2yrs ago about Intergalactic Law (which is still running over at

    Thanks for the kind words about Lasers Dragons and Lies. Yes, I agree that it’s jumpy – too much information jammed in too short a space. That last page was a bear to try to figure out – three scene changes on one page. Unfortunately, since the previous pages didn’t have any more than five panels, I didn’t want to suddenly seem like I was cramming it all in on the last page.

    Still, you should see what had to be cut out.

    I’ve got another (solo) entry ready to go called Grey Squad – if it gets in to the competition, I look forward to your thoughts. Also, I’ve taken over as the colorist and letterer on Sam PI as we prep that for iVerse comics (comics for the iPhone). I’m also hard at work on two more projects with John Zakour, which are intended to run both onine and in print – will keep you updated if there’s any interest.

    Once again, thanks.

    John (pink raygun guy)

  2. Hey you guys!

    This is Chris of Sea Dogs of Mars, my writer Keri Woodward and I so much appreciate your comments. Yay! Rainbow Colors. Anyways, I might actually be disappointed that you didn’t rip us apart, but at the same time Im happy we didn’t make you uncontrollably puke either. Thanks for the tips, Keri and I will be back on zuda soon.

  3. Brigid, Jason and Steve,

    Thanks for the kind words about Lifespan. Even though I didn’t get your vote Steve, saying it is “the best concept ever” made me feel pretty good. Have a great weekend!

  4. Nice reviews, from your comments I think I’ll go back and re-read the devil’s cross again.

  5. Hey, guys! Thanks for the reviews. In all, very insightful and well rounded. Glad you guys also enjoyed Devils Cross, Im kinda baffled why its so low and people arent getting into it. Obvously, thanks for the We Make Clouds review. All round, its a very tough sell for Zuda, so Im glad you were able to buy into it a little; for art, gags and laughs, it’s good to hear.

    One more loyal listener,

  6. Glad to hear that you guys like the show. It’s always fun to hear back from our listeners, especially from the creators of comics we enjoyed.

  7. I couldn’t agree more! And believe me, the positive responses and overall cheery feelings help us keep churning these things out month after month.

    We are reading your feedback and taking everything into consideration. Also, past creators make for good guest stars on future ZudaWatches, so keep an eye on your Inboxes!

  8. Hi, guys. ^^ Thanks for your review on Love the Dango. ^^ I especially appreciate the comments on the layouts. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever heard the comic be called “pretty”. I had also never thought about it as a haiku before, but it does kind of fit that tone or tempo.
    Dango is definitely something different and I was incredibly surprised at the response it got on my own website and I kind of submitted it on a lark. It wasn’t drawn for Zuda, but for my own amusement, so it’s really great that I even got to participate in the competition, let alone break 3 like I did this weekend (back down to 4 again now, but I had my moment). At any rate, thanks for reading it and I hope you enjoyed it, or will enjoy it more the second time around. ^_~

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