Jon Rosenberg ~ON~ Goats In Print

Recently, Jon Rosenberg opened up about the most privatest details of his life, including the upcoming publication of his long-running, critically-acclaimed webcomic, Goats, to Brian Warmouth over at CBR. Publishing firm Random House is set to start releasing the volumes in June of this year, and I for one can’t wait to finally get into the insanity.

True, Rosenberg has already self-published the strips through 2001, but I only just figured out how to pay for things with Paypal. Go figure. Also, I can’t read archives online as I’ll be inclined to do anything but that with a net-enabled computer in front of me.

So go read the interview to gear up for the upcoming Goats Print-Stravaganza. Of especially awesome note is the origin of the name of the strip. Epic stuff.


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