You’ll Have You’ll Have That for Just Two More Month

I have to take a quick break from a busy night of editing the next episode of Digital Strips, working on my Nanowrimo for this year, dealing with what historians will surly refer to as the great video game glut of 08 and trying to decide how to vote tomorrow to bring you some sad news. Wes Molebash has decided to call it quits on his popular and polished strip “You’ll Have That.”

According to a post he made one his blog today, Wes said that he is planning to have YHT wrapped up by January 2nd. At least we’ll have one more Christmas with our friends. A new strip is planned to take off in February.

This is especially sad for me as YHT has been a daily (or thrice weekly) part of my life almost since I got into web comics year ago. The squeaky clean adventures of Andy and Katie have been the comics that I’ve most often shared with my wife because it’s one of the most accessible strips on the Net.

I guess this means that for at least the month on January 2009 the position of “Nicest Guy in Web Comics” will be up for grabs. If you’re interested, send me some brownies, I’ll spread your name around a bit.


1 thought on “You’ll Have You’ll Have That for Just Two More Month

  1. Steve “The Geek” Shinney! You break the news that breaks my heart.

    I’m so demoralized, I might not go out and vote today. That’s right! Had you waited a day or so to post this, I might have gotten out and changed the world! Now, I might not even change my CLOTHES.

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