Webcomic Idol 2008 ~IS~ LIVE!

Bomb Shelter Comics is proud to present the 2008 Webcomic Idol contest! The winner gets a shot at a spot on the BSC roster which brings an increased spotlight on his/her strip plus a community of creators from whom to pull (steal?) ideas from!Webcomic Idol Logo

Make sure to stop by the Idol site and cast your vote for your least favorite! Remember, it’s more like Survivor, where you vote someone off, not American Idol, where you vote for your favorite contestant. See, it’s like golf; in the end, you want the lowest percentage of votes. The lower your numbers, the better your chances. If you get a vote, that means someone didn’t dig your strip. Vote for = bad. Do not vote for your favorite. They will not appreciate that.

Got it? Are we clear?

And here’s the list of this year’s ten lucky nominees!

But don’t take my word for it! Hear it straight from the mouth of last year’s winner, Templar, AZ creator, Spike!

Winning Webcomic Idol has changed my life, and the life of thousands like me. My victory brought me an instantaneous sense of peace and and an orgasmic, torrential flood of perfect cosmic knowledge, permitting me to communicate with animals, spirits, difficult family members and kitchen appliances. My wardrobe consists of nothing but Earth Shoes, bedsheets, and dayglo body paint. I consume only sunshine and manna brought to me by songbirds. And now, I can beat a game of Mindsweeper. THANKS, WEBCOMIC IDOL, HOLY S***, SERIOUSLY.

Also, a quick disclaimer on my part; though I am still unofficially a part of the Bomb Shelter Comics collective (think of me as an inactive member), my strip was stricken from the roster after I achieved infinite hiatus status and I have no influence on, nor am I influenced by the judges and/or other members of the collective. My thoughts are my own and that’s all there is to it.

That said, our next show will be a Zuda Watch-esque look at the top ten entrants in the Webcomic Idol competition. Stay tuned, because the fun is just beginning!


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