Former Zuda Contestant ~GETS~ Gig On Art For Mecha Bible Comic Book

I love webcomics. You can’t make this stuff up.

JMG Comics’ new robot Bible epic, Mecha Manga Bible Heroes, has changed artists after just one issue. The new artist will be Josh Alves, who previously caught our attention in the Zuda Comics competition with his entry, The Arachnid Kid.

Much as I said back when we ran that Zuda Watch, the art on Arachnid Kid has some rough edges, but an up-and-coming comic book like MMBH is the perfect place for Alves to work out any minor kinks in his style. The same could be said for the series’ previous artist, Thom Pratt, but who knows? We could be seeing his name on an upcoming Zuda Watch!

So good luck to Josh on this epic endeavor and check out the Good Comics for Kids blog, for which Brigid and I both write, for more on Mecha Manga Bible Heroes!


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