Digital Strips 149 – Web Comics Idol Watch

Digital Strips 149

There’s just something about Web comics competitions with ten contestants that we just can’t seem to resist. Instead of Zuda Watch this time though, we turn our eyes to those trying to be the Web Comic Idol 2008 winner. We recorded this show on Sunday which was before the first cuts were made and some of the strips we loved are already gone. We can’t help but feel a little bit responsible. Don’t let more good strips die, listen in and find out what we thing should take the crown for this year.


7 thoughts on “Digital Strips 149 – Web Comics Idol Watch

  1. Hey, Digital Strips crew! Thanks so, so much for your kind words about the SuperFogeys. I was blown away by your enthusiasm, and you all did a really great rundown of the Webcomic Idol 2008 Top Ten overall. If you do get back over to SF to read some more, I hope you like what you see. This url might be a little easier if you do:

  2. Hey Brock thanks for listening. And for the great strip. And for the better URL.

    Any chance I’ll be able to buy a Swifty action figure in the near future?

  3. I would be all for a Swifty “inaction” figure! It’s all about demand. Gotta grow the fanbase and then you and I and everyone can scoot Swifty along in the privacy of our own homes! That’s a day I look forward to.

  4. Hey folks, nice recap. I enjoyed hearing your critique of my strip (and the correct pronunciation of my name…ha!) You really couldn’t be more right in your comments. Marooned has been kind of a wild experiment for me in something I’ve never done before. The writing has a long way to go and I’m aware that at times, it fails pretty miserably!

    The last few strips have seen a slight change in artistic direction, so I’d be interested to hear your take on that. Not sure if you’re going to do a cast on the final 5 or not though.

    Thanks again, have a great day!


  5. Hey, couple of things I wanted to clear up about SF. Not a big deal, but because they were mentioned I figured I would at least address them. One, is that the navigation for SF is actually done in javascript and that was done so that the reading experience could be smoother for the reader as the page does not reload when you page through the archives. Two, is that you actually can still link to individual episodes by clicking on the “Link to this Episode” link in green just below each strip.

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts. Really means a lot.

  6. That’s awesome Tony, glad he was able

    In the interest of full disclosure, I also didn’t make the blood transfusion connection right off the bat, I actually thought it was a really stupid joke because Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t have crosses on their churches therefore making them more vampire friendly. Once I figured out what you were driving at though, comic gold.

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