Digital Strips 150 – Zuda Watch 8

Well faith Zuda Watchers, the wait is finally over. Our takes on this month Zuda combatants is now available for your digital consumption, please do so responsibly. As always, we welcome your comments and want to here what you think, both about our show and about the various Zuda entries.

I’m a man of few words tonight. So give us some of your own.Show 150


10 thoughts on “Digital Strips 150 – Zuda Watch 8

  1. Thanks for your comment John, send Justin our way because there is much I need to know.

    As for Think and Daniel, the link is working fine for me, if you can’t get it to work, try pulling it right out of our RSS feed – if that still is no good, drop another comment and I’ll see what else I can do.

  2. I problems with the link too but the xml worked fine.

    Couldn’t agree more with you about the synopsis. It shouldn’t be used as a crutch to tell your story! I learned that lesson early and I hope other Zuda hopefuls reading this keep that in mind.

  3. Hey, my first podcast.

    Being a caveman, this is the first time I’ve ever listened to one. And it was awesome. And not just because you liked Rumors of War.

    Let’s see – the language is made up. I didn’t go all Tolkien or anything, but what you read of it here does mean something. So no Norse there.

    That said, you’re not wrong. It is Valhalla, and those are Valkyries. I’m not going to explain it a bunch in the series (because I think too much detail can be a bad thing – I’m looking at you, midichlorians) but they’re more or less the basis of the same in the myths. The other world is intimately connected to Earth, and not just for cannon fodder.

    The big bruiser is named Dio – and yep, he’s Thor. But not just Thor. Dio occupies a role that’s a little complex – but he is occupying a role and as long as he moves in synch with that role, he gets to kick ass and take names.

    Er, that was much more cryptic than I intended. Gettin’ my Grant Morrison on. But what Dio is and how he got that way are really important to the main plot.

    The Surgeons are more zombies in the classic voodoo sense – undead machines of a sort.

    There’s stuff later on that, hopefully, even creepier than this. The Mockies and everything to do with them is pretty unpleasant, and in a couple of chapters we meet Intelligence. Hopefully, even if we don’t win Zuda, John and I’ll get to finish this.

    If you have any other questions, I do love to hear myself talk (or type) so fire away.

    Thanks for the support and the kind words,


  4. Another great Zuda podcast. I agree with a lot of what you guys said about this month. I’m currently working with a friend on a Zuda entry and he doesn’t listen to you guys, but I’ve told him I’ve learned a lot from your critiques. I’ve even caught myself telling him, “The guys at Digital Strips will blast us for that if we don’t fix it!” 🙂

  5. Steve: I think you hit the nail on the head, the synopsis shouldn’t be a crutch.

    Justin: Vindication! Glad to hear I was right and even more glad to hear there’s more in store, I can’t wait to read it.

    Grifter: I’m glad we can make a difference, Digital Strips, helping the world, one listener at a time.

  6. OK I like your show (this is my first listen) but where do I get actual links to the stuff you are talking about? It’s not in the show description carried with the podcast. It’s not in this post. So … where? Am I supposed to just remember everything you mentioned? Am I supposed to take my own notes while I’m listening?

    You folks are pretty free with the criticism, where webcomics do not come up to the usual standards. (As you should be.) Here’s a little turnabout as fairplay — you are not up to the usual podcast standards. I’m filing this one under Not Anywhere Near As Useful As It Could Be.

  7. Appreciate the feedback, DBL!

    As for the links to everything, Zuda makes it a little more difficult to get to everything since it’s Flash-based, but we’ll try to at least mention the Zuda site address in the podcast and we’ve already talked about doing something to segment the documentation so it’s easier to find everything you want to hear.

    Any more specific feedback and criticism as to how we don’t meet the standards of podcast production are certainly welcome and encouraged!

    Thanks again for listening!

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