Penny Arcade Celebrates 10th Anniversary ~VIA~ PvP

It goes without saying that explaining the new media genre of webcomics to a newbie will inevitably involve a mention of Penny Arcade, one of the first, and easily the best, gaming comic out there today. 

Today Gabe, Tycho, and the whole crew (it’s basically a company now, with conventions, plural, a children’s charity, and other brands under its umbrella) celebrate the big 1-0 and you can bet the congratulations are going to flow like wine throughout the day. Speaking of wine, how might the enigmatic duo be commemorating the milestone? In Gabe’s own words:

We’re going to the Olive Garden!

Talk about a celebration! Congratulations to everyone at Penny Arcade and thanks for the memories thus far! PA and PvP were the first webcomics I was introduced to back in college, so it’s fitting that this… celebratory image comes to us from Scott Kurtz, a long-time supporter of the PA crew.


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